Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traveling on a Budget - Accomodations

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is finding somewhere to stay. Here are a few tips to help you find a good location without breaking the bank!

1. Stay in the town next door - Sometimes staying in a smaller town, twenty or so minutes from the main city can be less expensive. Hotels may not be as busy or pricey. You may have a longer drive to your destination, but you'll save money on your hotel.

2. Try a home exchange - If your vacation will be an extended one, look into a home exchange, where you stay in a home in your destination city/state/country while the person who lives in that home travels to your city and stays in your home!

3. Just ask - Never underestimate the power of asking. Many small hotels will be willing to give you free upgrades or even free nights if they have the space. You may even be able to bargain by saying you'll upgrade your room if you get an extra night free!

4. Rent a vacation home - If you'll be staying in the same place for at least a few days, try renting out a vacation home. This is typically a more comfortable environment with the added bonus of a full kitchen and may even save you some money.

5. Consider a suite - Instead of renting two separate rooms for you and the kids (or you and other members of your party) try booking a two-bedrooom suite. This may save you money and will give privacy to the entire party.

As always, all of us at Ramada Downtown Hollywood remind you to travel safely!

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