Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Veteran's Day BBQ

Are you a veteran or know someone who has served in the United States Armed Forces? If so, the City of Hollywood will host the second annual Veterans Day Barbecue on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at T.Y. Park, Corporate Pavilion # 12, 3300 N. Park Rd, Hollywood from noon to 4 p.m. to honor men and women who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. Mayor Peter Bober and member of the Hollywood City Commission will join with volunteers to serve a free barbecue lunch to attendees.

All Hollywood-area veterans are welcome. The event will feature free hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, and beverages and ice cream donated by Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor. Activities include a performance by the Florida National Guard’s 13th Army Band, a world map for veterans to show where they served, an inflatable obstacle course sponsored by Landmark Funeral Home, games and potato sack races. Veterans who attend can exchange their park entry ticket for a raffle ticket for a drawing of a $100 gift certificate to GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill in Hollywood.

Event capacity is 500 people. Park admission is $1.50. Children 5 and under are admitted into the park free of charge.

WHAT: Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober and Hollywood City Commissioners to host Veterans Day Barbecue

WHEN: Sunday, November 11, 2012 from noon to 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: TY Park, Corporate Pavilion (#12), 3300 N. Park Rd., Hollywood
Source: Hollywood FL

Friday, October 19, 2012

Packing - City Trip

Fly easily without checking a bag and have everything you need for a city trip with these tips from Town and Country Magazine:
I never check a bag. As a result, my luggage is never lost and it always arrives at my destination at the same instant I do. Over the years I've saved hundreds of hours by avoiding the baggage carousel.
Rolling suitcases are easy to manage and, in fact, make very nice ottomans during airport waits. I've done seven days on the dressy Orient-Express and seventeen days adventuring in Costa Rica with just carry-ons, and I can promise that if you pack wisely, you will have all you need and want for a five-day city trip that involves business and pleasure.
The strategy for a carry-on-only trip also includes a tote bag with a zipper. It absorbs all my personal items for the flight, from iPod to paperbacks to pashmina. I take a couple of envelope purses (one is tucked in my suitcase; the other is in my tote), which take up minimal space and serve for dressier occasions. The other key rules are a simple color palette -- neutrals, few prints -- and clothes that do dual duty.

What to Bring

· 3 pairs of pants (two for business, one pair of jeans)
· 2 skirts
· 2 jackets (a lightweight blazer and a suit jacket that can be dressed up or down)
· 5 tops (three business, two casual, one of which is a white iron-free blouse)
· 1 white T-shirt, which can be worn under a jacket or at the gym
· 3 cashmere cardigans (one black, one cream, one in a bolder color)
· 1 dress for evening, business or pleasure (a simple shift works best)
· 2 or 3 scarves (they're light and easy to pack)
· 3 pairs of shoes (pack two pairs -- one comfortable pair for business, one for pleasure -- and wear a pair of flats on the plane)
· 5 sets of underwear
· 5 pairs of socks, panty hose or tights
· A few pieces of distinctive (mostly inexpensive) jewelry, plus a small jewelry holder
· 1 or 2 envelope purses or clutches
· 1 mini umbrella
· Lightweight sleepwear
· Gym clothing (including yoga pants and packable athletic shoes)
· Lightweight stretch cord for easy exercises
· Chargers
· First-aid/medical supplies 
· Cosmetics kit, including liquids in a quart-sized plastic bag
· Comb and brush
· Prescriptions
· Personal electronics: laptop (optional, though one of the thinnest on the market is the Apple MacBook Air), BlackBerry, iPod, camera or iPhone
· Pashmina
· Paperbacks and magazines
· Travel wallet able to hold driver's license, passport, credit cards, itinerary and airline tickets
· Glasses, sunglasses, contact case
· Pair of black pants (microfiber is good because it doesn't wrinkle)
· Cotton or cashmere top
· Suit jacket or cardigan
· Pair of flats
· Pashmina or cashmere stole
· Trench coat or lightweight parka

How to Pack

LAYER YOUR CLOTHES: First, pack the heaviest, most wrinkle-free items (pants, sweaters, jackets), then add the tops and lingerie.
FOLD CAREFULLY: Turn one jacket sleeve inside out. Tuck shoes into sides of bag. (For a packing demonstration, watch the video on modernbutlers.com.)
PACK LIQUIDS (no more than 3 oz each) in a one-quart ziplock plastic bag. Stow in your tote or an outside pocket of your carry-on to grab easily for security screening.
PROTECT ELECTRONICS that aren't in your handbag or tote by putting them into socks nestled inside packed pairs of shoes. Put jewelry into a pouch, and if it's good, further insulate it by placing the pouch amid socks or T-shirts in the center of your case. You could also carry jewelry in your tote or wear it.
IDENTIFY YOURSELF: Make sure there's a brightly colored nametag on your luggage, even if it's carry-on.
IDENTIFY YOUR BAG: If it's basic black, add a jaunty decal (I love reproductions of 1930s travel posters) in case you have to check it.
MEASURE YOUR BAG: The carry-on rule is no more than 45 linear inches, a combination of height, width and depth. Most 18- or 20-inch-high suitcases that aren't overstuffed will comply. The combined weight of your carry-on and personal items may be no more than 40 pounds. If you're worried your luggage might weigh too much (the surcharge is $50 and up), a digital bathroom scale will tell you. The best strategy is to start underweight so that you can shop at your destination.

Advanced Techniques

· Linen or pleated clothes -- wrinkle city.
· A robe, a hair dryer or other items your hotel will have.
· Hardcover books. Instead, bring paperbacks and magazines.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Getaway Packing List

Prepare for a perfect weekend getaway with the family with this quick and convenient list of packing supplies from Family Fun to cover every member of the family:

Wallet and/or purse and cash (sometimes we forget the most obvious things)
Credit cards and/or traveler's checks (plus list of numbers of both)
ID or driver's license
Car and house keys (plus duplicate sets kept in different bags)
Eye glasses and/or contact lenses (plus lens cleaner)
Medical insurance cards
Prescriptions and other medications
Itineraries, tickets and reservation confirmations
Maps and directions
Totebag or backpack for day use
Camera and film
Books and magazines for kids and adults
Toys, playing cards, small games
Flashlight and batteries
Umbrella and rain jackets
Large plastic bags for laundry and wet items
Small plastic bags
Disposable wipes (or put damp paper towels in zippered plastic bags)
Travel alarm
Sewing kit
First-aid kit (see separate packing list)
Water/juice boxes, no-spill cups
Paper napkins/towels

Outfits for each day (place kids' outfits for each day in zip-top bags)
Bathing suits
Outerwear in winter
Sportswear if needed

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash
Combs, brushes, hair accessories, blow dryer (if hotel does not provide one)
Shampoo and conditioner
Sunscreens and lip balm
Insect repellent
Shaving supplies
Nail clippers, scissors and emery boards
Cotton balls and/or swabs
Feminine hygiene items

Car seat
Diaper bag
Disposable diapers
Changing pad
Baby powder and lotion
Zippered plastic bags
Wet wipes
Bathing supplies
Nursing pads and burp pads
Baby food and spoon
Bottles, nipples and caps
Formula and/or juice
Changes of clothing
Jacket or sweater
Collapsible stroller with canopy or umbrella
Front or back child-carrying pack, or sling style
Waterproof sheets
Bathing supplies
Large plastic bags for wet clothes (can also be used as a changing pad in a pinch)

Room intercom
Night light
Radio/tape player, tapes, headphones and batteries
Frisbee, sports equipment
Guidebooks and brochures
Stain remover stick
Portable high chair or booster seat
Portable crib or playpen
Outlet covers