Sunday, September 4, 2011

Traveling on a Budget - Alternatives

When planning your vacation, consider some of these alternatives for a new experience!

1. Walk Around - Instead of flagging a cab to get to your destination, try walking! There's a lot in a city that you can miss by hopping in a car. It's also a great way to stop and get pictures!

2. Enjoy the Local Scene - We can stop at a national chain restaurant any time. Eat and shop at local mom and pop shops to get a taste of what the locals love.

3. Be Flexible with Travel Days - Prices for airlines and hotel rooms are often based on supply and demand. Check prices for the day before and after your ideal days, as you may end up getting a better deal.

4. Book a Bundle - Many websites offer deals if you book your airline, hotel and rental car at the same time. Check out all of your options before committing.

5. Travel Off Season - Every tourist destination has a peak season, when it will be most crowded and most expensive. Try visiting these destination in the off season to save money and avoid crowds.

No matter what you do for your vacation, Ramada Downtown Hollywood reminds you to travel safely and have a great time!

Source: MoneyNing

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