Monday, June 20, 2011

Basic Hotel Etiquette!

Everyone has a first experience staying at a hotel! Here are just a few simple tips on hotel etiquette!

1. Clean up after yourself. Housekeeping will come through to tidy up, but you can always help out and clean up if you make a big mess!

2. Be kind to the hotel employees! Say 'please' and 'thank you'. The hotel staff is sure to appreciate a guest who is respectful and pleasant!

3. Feel free to tip the hotel staff for a job well done! Everyone likes to know they're doing a good job and tipping is just one way to show it!

4. When you're finished showering be sure you separate your linens from the hotel's linens. This way, housekeeping knows exactly what to take for cleaning and they won't have to sort through a mixed pile of clothing and towels.

5. Avoid being overly demanding. Remember there are typically many guests staying in a hotel at any given time and the staff will try to accommodate all guests in a timely manner. On some occasions there may be a delay, but you may not be the only guest requesting extra towels or toothpaste!

These basic tips apply to all hotels including your favorite Ramada Downtown Hollywood!


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